I’m Nida Allam, and I’m fighting for a brighter future for NC-04.

Meet Nida Allam

Durham County Commissioner Nida Allam — the first Muslim woman ever elected to public office in North Carolina — is running for Congress in NC-04. The daughter of Indian and Pakistani immigrants, Nida grew up in Wake County. In addition to serving as Durham County Commissioner, she also served in senior leadership in the NC Democratic Party and as chair of the Durham Mayor’s Council for Women. As Congresswoman, Nida will fight for a brighter future for all North Carolinians.

A Brighter Future For NC-04

High-Quality Public Education

Every child should have access to a quality public education, regardless of where they live.

A Safe, Livable Planet

We need a Green New Deal to save our planet while creating millions of good-paying jobs.

Affordable Housing for All

We can’t stand by and watch our neighbors get priced out of their homes.

Reproductive Justice

We need to protect access to safe, legal reproductive healthcare as a human right.

Join Our Movement

This is a grassroots movement. We don’t accept corporate PAC money and we’re powered by people like you. Sign up today to make calls or knock doors and let our neighbors know about Nida’s campaign.

Thank you to everyone who has made this campaign an incredible, joyful, powerful movement all across North Carolina's 4th Congressional District. We might not have seen the results we hoped for, but this is not a loss

This election showed just how powerful we are. Right-wing super PACs and a billionaire living in the Bahamas had to spend over $3.6 million to defeat our movement in one election. That is the power that we have built. They had to spend more money than anyone has ever spent in the history of a Congressional primary in North Carolina in order to win this race. Right wing billionaires and Islamophobes are scared of our movement, and that gives me hope, because it means we are organizing to deliver real change for our working families.

Thank you so much to everyone who organized with us — too many people & organizations to name. It has been a joy and an honor to organize with the hundreds of young people who are fighting for a better future. You give me hope - thank you. Our work in North Carolina is just beginning - we must flip the Senate in November, and do all we can to turn out young people and people of color to vote for Cheri Beasley! Onward.

— Nida Allam