I’m Nida Allam, and I’m fighting for a better Durham.

Meet Nida Allam

Born and raised by immigrant parents, my entire life I have seen the struggle to attain the American dream. These struggles never faded my parents’ determination to raise my two sisters and myself to value and cherish the people around us no matter your background.

I live in Durham with my extremely supportive husband, Towqir Aziz, and our two wonderful pups Otis & Nala. I have been a grassroots organizer since high school, dedicating my time to fighting for others, so it was a natural decision for me to decide to dedicate my time to fighting for my home, Durham.

What I’m Passionate About

Safe & Healthy Communities

Every Durham resident should be safe and able to thrive in a healthy environment.

High-quality Education

Access to a high-quality education is a right, not a privilege.

Accountability in Government

There is possibly no greater responsibility from our elected officials than to be honest and transparent.

Building Inclusive Communities

Durham should be a city where every single resident can fully participate & contribute to our community.

Latest News

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Join Our Movement

All good leaders know that we can only accomplish the important work that needs to be done in Durham County when we work together. It takes a movement to change our world — will you join our movement for Durham County?