Statement on Human Rights Violations in Palestine

May 12, 2021

Everyone deserves peace and refuge in their place of worship. Regardless of their faith, they should not feel threatened during prayer. The same should apply to Palestinians — especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Instead, Palestinians are facing air strikes, removal from their homes, violence, and unrest.

So far, more than 300 people have been injured and 20 people have been killed, including 9 children. With each injury and senseless loss of life, we are reminded of the tyranny Palestinians have been living through as they are violently stripped of their home.

I condemn all violence in this conflict and urge the United States to acknowledge our complacency in the continuing Israel-Palestine conflict. Each year we finance Israel’s military with over $3 billion in recurring military aid — compared to only $235 million in humanitarian and economic development aid for Palestine. We must end this negligent spending that is being used to oppress the Palestinian people.

We must take action to save lives and protect Palestinian human rights now and moving forward.