Statement On Georgia Hate Crime Shooting

March 17, 2021

Durham, NCI’ve been nauseous in response to the hate crimes that occurred yesterday, March 16, 2020 in Georgia.

Hate crimes against Asians in America have been on a steep rise and exacerbated by the pandemic, spiking 150% last year alone. 8 beautiful souls were taken from us yesterday because of one white man’s actions, bigotry, and hatred.

We live in a country where the immigrant experience is tokenized, yet our struggles are minimized. We are othered, fetishized, and spit out into a system that isn’t built to support our aspirations for the “American dream.”

Even in Durham one of the most progressive and welcoming communities, Asian Americans and other Immigrant communities are constantly faced with xenophobic attacks. It doesn’t matter how well you accomplish and ingrain yourself in the community because we are still told: “you aren’t from here.” We are still told our voice doesn’t matter because we don’t make up a large enough population. We are still told to go back to where we came from.

This nativism runs deep even in Black and Brown communities against Asian Americans and other immigrant communities. I implore all of you to look deep within and recognize the implicit biases in your words and actions towards immigrant communities.

Commissioner Nida Allam is the first Muslim-American women elected to office in the history of North Carolina. She is of Pakistani and Indian heritage and immigrated to North Carolina  from Canada as a child.